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高压调压阀的作用 The role of high pressure regulator
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The high-pressure regulator is a valve and switch that people think of at first, but what is it for? Actually speaking, it is a big category. The most important role is to decompress, it is easy to understand!

Generally speaking, the valve positioner is designed to work according to the principle of force balance, and its working principle is designed through the rotation of the lever. When the signal pressure through the bellows increases, the lever needs to rotate the baffle around the fulcrum to approach the nozzle. After the nozzle back pressure is amplified by the amplifier, it is sent to the air chamber of the film actuator. When the valve stem moves down, it will drive the feedback rod to rotate around the fulcrum, and the feedback cam connected to the same axis will also reverse. The direction of the hour hand turns.

On the other hand, the lever is rotated around the fulcrum by the roller, and the force on the bellows acting on the feedback spring, the position force of the spring on the lever and the signal pressure, will not reach the equilibrium state until the force is balanced. At this time, a certain signal pressure corresponds to a certain unpopular position. These modes are called positive action. If you want to change the action mode, just flip the cam.

Simply put, the role of the high-pressure regulator is to regulate the pressure, and you can basically understand what is going on by looking at the principle of its pressure regulation!