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科技兴业势不可挡显示国内阀门技术的落后 The unstoppable development of science and technology shows the backwardness of domestic valve technology
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Valve as a fluid transport component, in recent years, with the growth of the national economy, the valve industry has developed very rapidly. In the medium and long term, the valve industry still has a lot of room for expansion. The main factors include increasing energy demand, the continuous increase of the global population, and the urbanization and industrialization process of developing countries have not undergone fundamental changes due to the financial crisis. High pressure regulator

Valves are a large category of plumbing hardware, and China's valve industry has also entered a stage of rapid development, and the previous backward technologies are almost eliminated. Nowadays, the valve industry on the market has been able to provide people with more than a dozen categories, with more than seven or eight thousand specifications of products, and its performance parameters range from vacuum valves to ultra-high pressure valves. Valves are widely used in the water treatment industry, mainly low-pressure valve products.

At present, the world's major economies have entered a cycle of economic recovery, and the valve industry has also begun to recover. Domestic key valve manufacturers have basically been able to design and manufacture various valves in accordance with ISO standards, and even some manufacturers' products have reached the international advanced level. Although the overall level of the valve industry has been greatly improved in recent years, the quality is still not stable, and there is still a gap in the technical level compared with some foreign valve companies. Please bring high pressure regulator for reprinting!