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The domestic valve industry swift and violent development
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          The valve due to adapt to the different working condition requirements are widely used in various fields of beneficial to the people's livelihood.  200X relief valve which variety huge quantity.  The valve manufacturing industry is huge, valve manufacturers thousands, popularize the country,  China has become the global valve production and market  demand is one of the largest countries. From our last century " ten valve nine leakage ",  until now, many products exported to foreign countries, China's valve industry has made great progress.
          According to incomplete statistics, China valve more than 6000 enterprises, and the middle-aged production value exceeds 5000000 yuan to have more than 900. The valve output of fan compressor and pump is the sum of the three,  is the whole machinery industry output value accounted for about 5%. At the same time, as the important part of technical equipment, especially  in the petrochemical, electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, city water supply and drainage system, the valve is a very key role, but the amount is  very large. But the domestic valve industry, mostly for small and medium enterprises, uneven, some good and some bad 300X slow close check  valve, the annual output value exceeding 100 million yuan of less than 10, even with other domestic machinery industry compared, in terms of  equipment or technical level also has the very big difference, an independent research and development of high-end products capacity units rarely. But from the China General Machinery Industry Association branch valve information display, in China each year valve turnover reached 50000000000 yuan, have about 10000000000 Yuan valve by foreign enterprises valve occupation, want to change  this kind of current situation, must pass to improve valve quality innovation is the key of the key.
        Our country existing factories Institute 12, professional research institute in 2, engaged in product development and valve research staff of  about 6000 people, a ministerial tes